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Paddle Boarding 101 by Zane Schweitzer

Frequently Asked Questions

Stan Up Paddle Boarding

Who thought of stand up paddle boarding?

The modern stand up movement can be traced to Hawaii. Surf instructors started using long boards and standing with a paddle in order to keep an eye on all of their students in the water. It wasn’t long before they decided to start racing them and a new sport was born.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing a small beach bag with the essentials; sunscreen, water bottle, and a towel. Bring a spare set of clothes to change into afterwards, in case you are wet. Other than that, you can just wear your bathing suit/ board shorts.

What happens if the weather is unfavorable to paddle boarding on scheduled day?

If the weather or waves are unfavorable and Wet.Inc calls off the rental, the rental may be rescheduled for a later time/date or a full refund will be issued.

Do I need a guide or can I rent a paddle board on my own?

You can do either! You are welcome to take the paddle board out on your own, or if you would like a guide or need some help getting started, we can do that too.

Should I tip a tour guide?

Our team works hard to exceed your expectations and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. If at the end of your lesson/tour you are pleased with the performance of your instructor, a gratuity is never expected but would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need paddle boarding experience?

No, no experience is needed to rent from us or to paddle board. We cater to beginners and provide short lessons if requested. Our only requirement is that you know how to swim and that you have the ability to balance on the board.

Safety First
Age Limits:
Age limits for paddleboards are 18 and over, or 13 and older with an accompanying parent or legal guardian per teen. You may not have a child ride on a SUP with you. They are a one person craft. We do not allow groups of teenagers to go out on paddleboards without adult supervsion. Please do not plan for paddleboarding birthday parties for your kids unless their parents can sign both the waiver and rental agreement. Parents with other peoples’ children may not use the paddleboards, unless their parents fill out the appropriate paperwork. Remember that Paddleboards are a single occupancy craft, and should be used based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. They are not made for two people. All of these rules and regulations are for the safety of our customers, our staff, and for the longevity of our equipment.

Weight Limits:
Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) have a maximum weight capacity of 240 pounds.
All of our SUPs are intended for one person only. You may not bring a child to ride with you on paddleboards.
It is very important to be honest about your weight, and not to exceed the weight limits. If you show up for your reservation and are over the weight limitations then you will forfeit your reservation at your expense. So once again, please make sure that you do not exceed any of the specifications listed above or below. This is for your safety and for the longevity and structural integrity of our kayaks and paddle boards. Damage done to any equipment due to misuse or exceeding any limits explained will be at your expense.

Drug & Alcohol Usage:
Alcohol consumption is not allowed on our kayaks or paddleboards. Drug use, including marijuana, is not allowed on our kayaks or paddleboards. It isn’t safe, folks! Enough said.

What happens if I fall off the board and into the water?

Most of the people who rent from us do not fall. If you do though, it’s okay! You’ll be wearing a life jacket to keep you floating and a leash to keep you close to the board. If you fall into the water, just crawl back on! Refer to Refer to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's site for regulations.


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