Our Story of Wet Destin!
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 Destin Paddle Board, Surf, Kayak, and Bike Rentals and Sales.   
981 US Hwy 98 E, Suite 11
Destin, FL 32541
(850) 974-0134
Surf boards, bikes rentals. about wet inc destin

We’re attempting to put a new spin and a new vitality into the industry, and our clients can expect that when they come to Wet, we’re completely motivated to give them the best experience and to learn with them. Our hope is that people will find ways of incorporating water sports and activities into their daily lifestyle. We’re building ourselves as a brand whose passion is a lifestyle lives on the water. The name Wet is an expression of having fun on the water: Focusing on water activities, athletic adventures, and even the relaxation of interacting with water. Our world is all connected by that main element of water, and that’s such a unique force of unity that we want people to explore in new ways. This year we added new premium brands – Starboard Paddle boards and apparel, Flying Fish Custom made in the US race boards, 404 Basecamp race and rec boards from CA, WET Inflatable paddle boards, SOL boards, and  RayVolt Electric Bike.
Giving back to our community and educating our customers about safety on the water will be our big focus this year, in addition to WETSUP kids.
So be adventurous, dive in, and get wet—we have you covered.