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Starboard SUP, Premium Rayvolt Electric Bike, Best Paddle Board Rentals in Destin,FL 
981 US Hwy 98 E, Suite 11
Destin, FL 32541
(850) 974-0134
                                ABOUT US

We’re attempting to put a new spin and a new vitality into the industry, and our clients can expect that when they come to Wet, we’re completely motivated to give them the best experience and to learn with them. Our hope is that people will find ways of incorporating water sports and activities into their daily lifestyle. We’re building ourselves as a brand whose passion is a lifestyle lives on the water. The name Wet is an expression of having fun on the water: Focusing on water activities, athletic adventures, and even the relaxation of interacting with water. Our world is all connected by that main element of water, and that’s such a unique force of unity that we want people to explore in new ways. This year we added new premium brands – Starboard Paddle boards and apparel, RayVolt eBike. Giving back to our community and educating our customers about safety on the water will be our big focus this year, in addition to “SUP KIDS SCHOOL”
So be adventurous, dive in, and get wet—we have you covered.
paddle board rentals in destin
Ray Proffitt, Owner
Beach Life, Destin FL, Paddle Boarding Destin FL

I’ve always been interested in water activities, and my home in Knoxville, Tennessee, was on the river where I fished, paddle boarded, and swam. I’ve lived near the water my entire life because I love it so much. Personally speaking, water sports like paddle boarding have provided me with a means to stay active even after suffering multiple spinal injuries from competitive motorcycle racing injuries that made pain a daily struggle and resulted in surgeries. Paddle boarding gave me a new way to enjoy being active, and it’s really helped me form a greater connection to myself and to the water.


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Nacho, SUP Dog
SUP Dog, Paddle Boaring dog, Starboard SUP, SUP Dog,

Hi there!

I'm seven. I'm a Yorkie and nine pounds of pure tomboy. Paddle boarding, beaching, camping, I love that type of stuff.

Let's get WET!

- Love
Your Macho Man


Elena Bochkareva ,
Director and Head of Marketing

Paddle Boarding In Destin FL

Elena Bochkareva is the MD, marketing and events coordinator for Wet. Inc in Destin FL. Having grown up in around the largest river in Far East, Russia, she developed a deep appreciation and love for the water after spending summers at the beach and on the boat. After moving to the USA in 2004 she lived in few state (CA, NE, MO), but she made her way down to the Florida Panhandle to the most beautiful beaches in the world to reunite with the water and made Destin, FL her home with her two teenage children.